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Friday, November 12, 2010

Знаеш как да промениш Реалността си!

You Already Know How to Manifest Reality!

The simple truth is this. You can manifest reality, you are already doing it everyday, except. That's not the reality you want, right?

And the reason this happens is because you don't know that you are manifesting reality and so you think you don't how to do it.

Therefore, before you can learn how to manifest reality you must first understand what reality is. To most people reality is events and circumstances outside of their control that somehow just happen to them. That is why you hear people talk of the one person being lucky and of another as unlucky.

You may also hear people make statements such as these: "Come-on man, be realistic, things just don't happen that way, or reality is not like that? What they mean by that is that certain things are just the way they are, and there is just no way you can change it.

However the truth be told you can change your reality. One PROVEN good way to change your reality is by associating with people who share your values as well as the vision of what you're trying to achieve.

Every One Creates his Own Reality

The truth is that reality starts inside every person and that every person creates his/her own reality through what he/she thinks and beliefs. Every person sees things not as they "are", but as they appear to him or her. Each one of us looks at life through lenses that are colored by our cultural upbringing, beliefs and past experiences.

We believe that so much that even when somebody else wants to show us THE WAY we brush them off because of the way we have been conditioned.

However the truth is that you no longer have to be bound by your past. Your reality can be different from what it was. You can have success after many years of failure.

I'm a testament to that. I never thought I would have the things I'm having now. I had so many failures... so many disappointments that I could barely imagine a different outcome to what I was used to. Yet, here I am encouraging you.

So, the answer to the question, how to manifest reality is to change your beliefs and your thoughts... Change the images in your head that reminds you of your current reality and you will soon construct a new reality that's worthy of you.

I have just given you the secrets of how to manifest reality, so use it.


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