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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Laughter is the Music of Life

когато намеря време, ще го преведа :)

While we live, things can still be fun and we must seize every occasion to laugh.

There are serious reasons to call the strong, shrill laugh “laugh from the heart”. It causes a complete, relaxing activity in the diaphragm, lungs, exercise increases the oxygen in the blood and gently adjust the entire cardiovascular system. Some liken it to a “deep massage, and Norman Kanzans, first healed through Laughter, called this laughter “internal jogging”. Norman Kanzans found that 10 minutes laught gives him with 2 hours sleep without pain.

Stories, situations, movies, books or broadcasts on television, from which we expect something fun, cause increasing strain, which is reflected in the pulse, the skin temperature and blood pressure. In the final reply or an episode that tension suddenly released in a series of muscle contractions. All muscles of the chest, abdomen and face are exercised and if something was really fun, there is even benefit for the hands and feet. After the laughter all muscles are relaxed, including the heart – heart rate and blood pressure temporarily decrease. Psychologists have found that muscle relaxation and tension can not coexist, and laughter-induced relaxation takes about 45 minutes.

According to some scientific studies laughter increases the level of catecholamines – chemical substances produced by the brain, which can counteract the inflammation and activate the immune system. Catecholamines increased the production of endorphins as well – natural opiates in the body. In other words, laughter is able to directly ease the pain by physiological means and to help us relax.

The most important psychological function of humor is to get us out of the usual mental framework and encourage new perspectives. Psychologists have pointed out that one of the best measure of mental health is the ability to laugh at yourself, but with a mild self-irony, with no self-destructing sarcasm.
Sport, laughter and play are closely related. They must be approached at about the same way. They have similar effects on the body and mind. They help us to release the child in ourselves. Serious people who don’t allow themselves to play, they recover harder and it is more difficult to change their lives… without the changes it is not possible to cope with the disease. For some people the play and the laughter should be prescribed in order to feel no guilt that they play or that they laugh.

We must learn to give priority to the game in our life. Like all other positive changes, it is also a consequence of the first most important step to healing: to learn to love ourselves. Each of us has to work on to find games, books or movies, play games, to tell jokes, to scratch or be entertained with coloring books – whatever the child chooses it. The game not only makes us feel good, it also opens the door to creativity, an essential element of the internal changes. Choose to love and make others happy and your life will change because you will find happiness and love. The first step to inner peace is the decision to give love, not get it.

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