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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Kaizen Energy - PROSPERITY

Тази статийка е за богатството - казва неща, с които съм много съгласна :)
от сайта на KAIZEN

The Kaizen Energy team recognizes that Wealth is a true source of freedom and we recommend this category as the first one to start with as ultimately it will allow the other four categories to be more easily achieved.
Trading time for money (a typical job) can never bring Wealth. In order to actually become financially successful it would be necessary to either get a degree in economics and work on Wall Street, become a politician, win the lottery or start your own business. For most of us the first three are pretty much out of the question so that leaves us with the last one.

Normally starting a business is pretty expensive. If you were to start a construction company for example you would first need to purchase all the equipment and tools, then find people to work with you and finally advertise. Or if you opened a store at the mall, first you would have to pay the rent, then the employees and then get inventory. It is usually very complicated and a lot of hard work to do this. The startup costs on a typical business usually make it so you wouldn't even be in profit (actually making money) until at least 6 to 12 months down the road. Successful businesses can end up making a person rich, but it takes quite a bit of time, money and effort to get started.

Network Marketing or Direct Sales on the other hand provides a way for the average person to start a business with minimal startup costs. There are tons of network marketing companies available ranging from $10 a month to $1000 a month. Success depends on finding one that has a product and a plan that you can be passionate about. Some people like health products so they can get passionate about a juice or other drink that helps them lose weight (think Xango or Isagenix). Others like beauty products and get passionate about makeup (think Avon or Mary Kay). The point is, you can start one of these businesses for as little as $10 a month compared to the thousands of dollars required to start a typical business and still make just as much money as typical business because of the power of leverage.

Network Marketing allows you to have a business and then allows you to leverage that business by adding additional distributors or "employees" into your business. The beauty of it is that each distributor that joins your business is actually starting a business of their own. They are not a typical employee that works just to meet the minimum requirements of their job only to benefit the person that hired them. They have the same opportunity that you do to leverage and grow their business so they (usually) will approach it with the same passion that you do.

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