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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eckersley Romantic Garden via DigsDigs


Wrapping around a large Victorian era home, this romantically inspired garden is designed for family living. The whole concept is to create a quite natural but at the same time neatness outdoor space. The garden consist of series of separate spaces which cater for active recreation, entertainment and passive reflection. These garden rooms are linked with generous pathways and creeper draped arbors which draw users from space to space with the enticing vistas they create.
The plant selection of this garden deliberately focuses on flora which has longevity through the seasons and a strong green backbone all year ’round. Roses bloom for six months of the year in a walled parterre courtyard. Large informal hedges provide seasonal flowers and berries as well as a sense of privacy. In less formalized parts of the garden, woodlands of deciduous Maples emerge through sweeping lawns in a parkland style. The planting then drifts to a relaxed Australian mood with a combination of native and exotic plants that weave a gentle tapestry around the large reflective pond.
This garden is a place which is growing with its family and could accommodate everyone – as the family as their friends. [Eckersley Garden Architecture]

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